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Attention Parents: Your Voice Matters!

At STC, we aim to empower parents in the fight for better education. Your voice is essential in transforming educational policies and advocating for our children's futures. Let's band together to shape a brighter tomorrow.

Parents play a crucial role in shaping the education of their children. Their concern, their voice, and their advocacy for quality education are the most potent tools for transforming our education system. STC is here to amplify those voices and help parents become an influential force in the sphere of education policy.

“Change happens when people come together, know their rights and are ready to act.”

The education landscape is filled with various stakeholders, but none are as invested as parents. Understanding the power dynamics within MDE, MPS, and schools is vital.

Speak Out: How to Be a Parent Leader with STC

At STC we believe that parents should have a more powerful voice in education policy. Our children don't have lobbyists, and they don't have a union. Children have parents, and parents are the only people in the education system whose sole interest is the success of our young ones. At STC we take a close look at the power dynamics within MDE (Minnesota Department of Education), MPS (Minneapolis Public School), and our schools. STC provides resources for parents to be leaders in their communities. As we have witnessed in recent years, change happens when people come together, know their rights, and are ready to act. Parents, please join STC in our effort to advocate for our students. In order to advocate successfully, we have to know the facts -- about educational outcomes and about the decision-making process. At STC, we believe that all children deserve the same opportunities for high-quality education. We focus on the organizing cycle. This method supports parent leaders to build relationships, engage more parents and take effective action to publicly advocate for change within MDE, MPS, and at the Legislative level. We will examine what steps are needed in order to have a group of organized parents and community members who will SPEAK OUT for our students. We will also discuss opportunities to be a parent leader within STC. Please spread the word, our children need your voices!

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